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Animated videos made by More Creative

Some of our animation works from 2D animation to 3D video production - we can bring your texts to life.

Stages of video production:

1 - details

We get to know your mission, goal, strategy and brand.

2 - Script

We take your message and reduce it to a story that can captivate hearts and minds.

3 - Design

We create a visual language that can tell this story.

4 - Storyboard animatic

Linking images, text and sound that express the content together.

5 - Animation

Through animation, we bring characters and other visual elements to life.

6 - Sound Design

We add music, voiceover and sound effects to turn the entire story into a beating reality. The video is now ready for delivery!

Cost of producing an animated video?

Animated videos can vary in style, complexity, and length. all of which can affect the time our team takes to create them – and that’s how we calculate our rates. We always recommend contacting us for a custom quote, or even for a free consultation if you are not quite sure of what you want.

You can choose one of our packages

Value Packages – High Video Quality – Professional Team
All packages include high-quality integrated videos in terms of scenario, graphics, music, appropriate sound effects and animation, with the customer’s approval of each stage we go through.





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